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Thanks to everyone who supplied documents and certificates.

Leonie & Nigel Clunie
New Zealand
Very big thanks to
Leonie + Nigel who have helped so much
 with the Clunie's,and other family lines, supplying photos, Identifying photos and more.
Nigel Clunie
Granny McInnes's

Thanks to Emma Watson who supplied
 the photo of Elizabeth Allan.  Emma's
 husband is G.G.G Grandson of Gourlay
 Williamson G.G. Grandson to Elizabeth Allan .

Thanks to David Waxman for the debate on Jessie/Janet Anderson and the link to Clan Barker. David's G Grandmother was Charlotte Anderson, Sister of Jessie Anderson.

Clan Barker.
 John Barker Connection the Anderson's , John has the most amazing web site one which I'd like to create one day

Thanks to John Henderson  who gave me
 so much help on the Mcinnes 's and
 confirming John and Christian (Scott)
 sadly not related.

Thanks to Crystal Cartiedge who gave me the Inkster
line,  Marion Inkster was married to James Mcinnes My G G G  Granddad , Marion was Crystals G G G G Grandfathers sister.

Thanks to all at
Mortonhall Crematorium
 For all Replys 
Hazel Richardson , Aileen Stirling

Thanks to John Rennie 
His help is appreciated.
John has helped  with information about Frank and Gourlay Ross Also with my McInnes Line .
Thanks to Kerry Farrington  who located the cremation of  Frank and Gourlay Ross

Thanks to Elsa Davidson.
 has been Identifying  my Grandfathers photos from South Georgia
A Very Big Thank you to
Aunty Frances
for the Amasing photos .

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