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G . G . Grandfather  &  G ,G , Grandmother

Captain James Urquhart Anderson Clunie
  Robina Williamson Clunie

The Grave stone of James + Robina , and five of there children .

Buried here is James
Robina Clunie
,Also there son  James
 there daughter Robina

  There daughters  Joan , Eva ,
Jessie's have there ashes 
 Scattered here
grave tayport

James and Robina had two other children ,
 Thomas Clunie & Gourlay Clunie
Thomas was buried in Fuji .
Gourlay  was Cremated at Warriston Crematorium  in Edinburgh 1859

Photos of  Tayport Cemetery

tayport cemetrytayport cemetry

View from Tayport Cemetry

view tayportview tayportview tayport

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