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James U AndersonJames Urquhart Anderson,
 Magnus’s son, who
 carried on his
  father’s good Christian ,,,,,,,,
james u a clunieJames Urquhart Anderon Clunie ,
 Born  1857 Castle street,
His parents died,,,,,,,,,,,
James Urquhart AndersonJames Urquhart Anderson

Alastair f McinnesAlastair Fraser Mcinnes was born in Edinburgh,,,,,,5 Gourlays
Relationship to
Angela Mcinnes
Dr Alastair Fraser Mcinnes5 Gourlay Ladys

Frank Ross

Frank Ross  was born
on 16th May 1881 in .
Bo Mcinnes
Dr Frank Ross(Bo)(Jim) James Mcinnes

James Mcinnes 1845

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