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Frank RossFrank Ross + Pony

      Frank RDr Frank Rossoss   was born on 16th May 1881 in High Street, Newburgh, Fife.
His parents were John Ross, a master mason, and Janet Allan Smith,
who were married on December 15th 1863.
Frank became a general medical practitioner and married Gourlay Williamson Clunie
on 16th August 1910 at 11 Ward Road, Dundee, by sheriff's warrant.  He was living at
126 Albert Road, Jarrow-on-Tyne, and she at Albert House, Albert Street, Tayport.
The parents of Gourlay were James Urquhart Anderson Clunie, a shipping manager,
and Robina Williamson.  Gourlay was born on 26th August 1883 at Aldie, Fife.
James U.A. Clunie and Robina Williamson were married on November 14th 1881 at Aldie.
Frank Ross died on 4th June 1952 at 26 Dalhousie Terrace, Edinburgh, aged 71.
Gourlay died on 12th November 1959 aged 76 at 29 Craigmillar Park, Edinburgh, but her usual residence
was at 18 Macdowall Road, Edinburgh.

written by John Rennie.

Frank Ross Died 4th June 1952 at 26 Dalhousie Terrace , Edinburgh , age 71.
Frank Ross of 26 Dalhousie Terrace , Edinburgh
Was cremated at Warriston Crematorium on 7th June 1952. The applicant for the cremation was A.J. McInness of the same address. These ashes were Collected by the Funeral Director

Gourlay Williamson Clunie Died 12th November 1959 age 76 at 29 Craigmiller Park, Edinburgh ,
Gourlay Williamson Ross of 18 Macdowall Road , Edinburgh

Was cremated at Warriston Crematorium on 14th November 1959. The applicant for the cremation was John B. Ross of Bradenham Road, High Wycombe. These ashes were dispersed within the grounds of Warriston Crematorium.

written by Kerry Farrington

From Africa
  Post cards Frank Ross sent to his wife and son while on active service .

click postcard to see enlarged or on reverse side to see addressee side of  postcard 

On active Service

No stamps Available
F.Ross, Capt.
Reverse sideReverse side
Miss Clunie
Ladybank , Fife
Mrs Ross
Newburgh , Fife

Reverse side
 John B Ross
Newburgh , Fife
postcardsLove From
 12th November 1914

To John B Ross 1916
Reverse sideReverse sideReverse side
Newburgh , Fife

Mystery photos

africa mysteryTaken in Africa ,
possibly owned by Frank but
 is Frank in the pictures?
africa mystery

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