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    Alastair Fraser Mcinnes was born in Edinburgh 2nd of  April 1912 to James and Jemima  Mcinnes. After Alastair Fraser McInnesschool and sports he studied medicine at the School of Medicine, Edinburgh.where He met and   married a medical student Robina C Ross. After  graduating  in 1942 , he did some work in the Royal infirmary before joining the Royal Navy . He was a Senior Medical officer and served until  he was released from services in 1946 . He then went to the Merchant Navy on the whaling ships    Traveling to places like  South Georgia. On one of his travels he Celebrated crossing the equator. The navy  like to do this in style He returned to Edinburgh in 1952 and set up his own General Practice .His morning surgery  was run in the Mcinnes House  in Liberton , Edinburgh, which soon grew in to a large practice. His afternoon surgery was run from a room in a house in Morden, Edinburgh. My granfather treated many Edinburgh residents including bringing some of them in to the world. 
  He also  gave lectures for st Andrews Ambulance Association.

Sadly died age 58 1970 in Edinburgh

Rugby Photo
Rugby photo
School Photo
Skl Photo
Cricket Photo
Cricket team Edinburgh
School PhotoSkl Photo
Alistair Fraser Mcinnes
2nd Left top row
Rugby 1927/28
Alistair Fraser Mcinnes
3rd from right 2nd row
Alistair Fraser Mcinnes
1st on bottom right
Edinburgh lothian Cricket team
Alistair Fraser Mcinnes
2nd Left top row

School of Medicine
the Royal Colleges
Doctor CertificatesThe Royal Infirmary

medal dotorsc setmedal
Dissection Medal and tools

Burma Star MedalAlastair Fraser McInnesWar Medal (1939-45)
Burma Star
Burma, 1941 -1945

War Medal
The 1939-45 War Medal

Ships Served On Navy Certificates
Black PrinceHMS Pembroke1943
HMS Lochiane 1943
HMS Lochiane 1943
Original flag of  the Ship
Black Prince
HM Dockyard ,Alexandria1945,
HMS Black Prince 1945
HMS Black Prince  1945

Photos Of Ships
HMS QuilliamHMS   HoweEntering Leyte Apr 1945Admiral Brind coming aboard
from Swiftsure

hms quilliamHMS HoweLeyteAdmiral Brind

Order For Release From Navel Service (class A)

penguinAlastair's Photo Album
South Georgia ,

Operation Performed on a Whailing ship
Steps of a operation Part 1  Sadly last page missing .Steps of a operation Part 2

City Of
 Edinburgh Police
Police letter
26th January

News Artical of the death of  Alastair

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